Lincoln Vital Signs

The Lincoln Vital Signs 2017 report was released on August 23rd during the Prosper Lincoln Summit held at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. University of Nebraska Public Policy Center Associate Director, Dr. Nancy Shank discussed major findings from the report to shed some insight into our community; areas where we are successful and strong, and areas where we have room to grow. How will you use the Lincoln Vital Signs information?


Leaders of Lincoln's largest public and private charitable organizations commissioned Lincoln Vital Signs 2014 and 2015 to help inform decisions, spark connections, and spur collaboration. Now Lincoln Vital Signs 2017, again authored by the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center, describes how Lincoln has changed over the past 10 years. Lincoln Vital Signs reports have been used in a variety of impressive ways: funders are using the data to make investments in community services; community services organizations for strategic planning, needs assessments, and grant proposals; faith community leaders to plan ministries and conferences; business leaders to promote Lincoln on their travels and to create business plans; neighborhoods to target activities; and performing artists were inspired to create a musical focusing on childhood hunger. Lincoln Vital Signs findings led the community to create Prosper Lincoln. Lincoln Vital Signs reports help the community Be Informed and Prosper Lincoln encourages the community to Get Involved.  Prosper Lincoln is creating a framework for addressing priorities in Early Childhood, Employment Skills, and Innovation.



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