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Lincoln Vital Signs 2017 was launched at the Prosper Lincoln Summit held August 23, 2017 at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Over breakfast, attendees heard from Governor Ricketts, Mayor Beutler, leadership and organizations involved in Prosper Lincoln activities, as well as information from the Lincoln Vital Signs 2017 report that informs the direction of the Prosper Lincoln agenda.


If you would like to schedule a presentation about Lincoln Vital Signs for your organization, please contact Sarah Peetz at the Lincoln Community Foundation; or 42-474-2345. Also, feel free to send us your Contact Information if you would like to be notified of these events. Click here to see a list of past presentations.


As we’ve presented the results of Lincoln Vital Signs this past year, people have asked for a tool to spur brainstorming. We have developed a worksheet to guide discussions about possible action steps. We are calling this The Lincoln Circle. Feel free to use and adapt as it fits your needs. If you would like to share the results of your group’s brainstorming, please contact Sarah Peetz.


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