LVS 2017 Report

Lincoln Vital Signs Report 2017

In 2014, leaders of Lincoln's largest public and private charitable organizations commissioned the Lincoln Vital Signs report to help inform decisions, spark connections, and spur collaboration. Since then, Lincoln Vital Signs have been used by funders to target resources, agencies for program development, faith community for services planning, business community for recruitment, neighborhood organizations for advocacy and involvement, performing arts as an inspiration for a new musical, and in many other ways. Lincoln Vital Signs 2017 continues the tradition of providing credible, reliable information about Lincoln, compared to its recent past and to other communities in the United States. This year's report finds:
    1.Lincoln is experiencing positive economic recovery.
    2.Opportunity gaps persist.
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Please note, the report is designed to be printed landscape on letter-size (8.5 x 11) paper.

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